Get Above The Fold

The science of webpage layout above the fold.

Opinions abound about how to grab a user's attention in the first seconds. The sites below showcase a variety of ways to help you increase engagement.


The Basic Premise...

A prospect performs two basic actions when a page loads for the first time: searching and scanning. First the eye searches for a pertinent point of entry into the webpage. In this connection, the eye takes in the following, in descending order of importance:


As soon as the prospect has decided where to start reading, they then decide what exactly they will read by scanning the page and its object-groups to extract what is important and what is expendable. Taking this into consideration, the savvy internet-marketer can optimize a page for lead generation.

Animation to introduce motion...

Mailchimp - an app for adding autoresponders to your website, blends motion in the form of animated graphics with a simple yet powerful message: Send Better Email. The slim logo and navigation bar (which also contains a CTA button) keep the animation and message above the fold, increasing engagement. However, the primary call to action button is probably below the fold on many devices.



Designer Matt Hamm's site ( uses size to great effect by using and enormous title to highlight and give emphasis. This can work well for a central - and short! - message, although it pushes the content way below the fold, so as long as you are okay with loosing the allure of your key content, it can work. This may be suitable for sites which focus on brand recognition or a central message.


Jumbo Slider

Its slick design was crafted by Gresser Design and uses the latest JQuery Jumbo Sliders in order to present its content to its users.



Keeping logos small and limiting yourself to a menu bar can present key content at first sight and highlight sticky posts that you know convert well. While it can be tempting to use more exotic techniques, this approach can work well if your titles are written for engagement and create curiosity.